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QuickBooks is famous for its accounting solutions at an affordable rate. Through the software, one can easily manage his/her accounting process with feedback and business insights from the software. It has also provided solutions for payday accounting process through the payroll feature. Through this, you can easily create multiple payrolls and can pay your employee with 24hrs direct bank deposit. But while updating the payroll feature, you can face QuickBooks Error 15241. This error generally occurs when the user is trying to download or update the payroll service and face an unexpected error. You can also face this error when the desktop file copy service (FCS) is disabled.

This error occurs only in the Windows operating system. To solve QuickBooks Error 15241, the user has to fix the issue that he/she is facing with the FCS. The solutions are:

For Windows 7, 8, or 10 Users

  • Step 1: Close all the running process of the desktop software
  • Step 2: Press Windows button from your keyboard followed by the right-click on your computer
  • Step 3: Choose the manage tab
  • Step 4: Click on services and then select applications
  • Step 5: Double click on services on the right pane.
  • Step 6: This will show you the option for Intuit QuickBooks FCS. Open this option
  • Step 7: Select manual in the start-up Window
  • Step 8: Apply all the updated settings
  • Step 9: Choose the start option and then click on OK
  • Step 10: Try to open desktop software and start downloading all the updates
  • Step 11: Finally start downloading payroll updates, if any

For Windows XP Users

  • Step 1: Close QuickBooks Desktop and all of its process
  • Step 2: On your desktop, do right-click on My Computer and then select manage, which will open your system’s management screen
  • Step 3: Find the services and applications tab and then select services
  • Step 4: Scroll down and then double-click on Intuit QuickBooks FCS service
  • Step 5: Click on the general tab and select the start-up type drop-down list. Once this is done select manual from the list
  • Step 6: Click on OK button
  • Step 7: Open the desktop and download all the updates available for the desktop software. Once this process is completed download all the updates for the payroll

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